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The Self-Rendering Eval Shirt

How we made it, and how you can get one

Starters Upgrade: WebContainers and Vite

We are making significant changes to our official starters list to make them more robust and capable!

Putting the Dev in Figma’s Dev Mode

With the new StackBlitz plugin for Dev Mode, you can move directly between design and development without leaving your browser.

Announcing StackBlitz Self-hosted

We’re excited to share today that StackBlitz Enterprise Server, a self-managed build of StackBlitz, is generally available to any team interested in a totally new approach to web development.


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5 lessons design systems teams can learn from open-source maintainers

Here, we’ve gathered 5 of the best lessons design systems teams can take from open source and apply to their work.

Bringing Sharp to WebAssembly and WebContainers

Challenges of porting native Node.js modules like Sharp to more platforms with WebAssembly.

The Atomic Waltz: Unraveling WebAssembly Issues in V8 and SpiderMonkey

Deep dive into WebAssembly performance issues on Apple Silicon and browser engines.

Flow state: Why fragmented thinking is worse than any interruption

What I learned after reading 14 studies about flow state

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