Introducing StackBlitz Teams

We’re stoked to unveil the newest way to build the web with the web: StackBlitz Teams.

Every month, over 2 million developers use StackBlitz to learn new frameworks, reproduce bugs, and build prototypes of new features and tools.

Today, most StackBlitz projects are public and accessible to everyone. This has made StackBlitz a natural fit for open source projects, public documentation, and educational resources that are built to be shared. By contrast, private projects have been supported in StackBlitz for some time but are limited to one individual user.

With StackBlitz Teams, you can now collaborate with your teammates in a secure, private workspace with the same fine-grained access controls you have come to expect from tools like GitHub and Google Docs.

StackBlitz Teams has allowed our team to focus on designing and building features by eliminating the collaborative friction of local development environments. Having everything in StackBlitz also made code reviews significantly faster—we click the Review PR button in GitHub and jump right into the code with the in-browser staging server ready to go.

Corey Sayers VP of Experience at Acorn Finance

Fully integrated with your GitHub Organizations

Getting started with StackBlitz Teams is as easy as connecting to your existing GitHub organization. Every member of your organization can access your new Teams workspace in StackBlitz.

From there, you can collaborate on public GitHub repositories, create shared projects, and organize them into shared collections.

StackBlitz Teams is currently available for GitHub organizations and we will be adding support for other providers soon. Is there a provider you want to see? Let us know.

Teams can also open, edit, and share private projects and GitHub repositories by upgrading users to the paid tier. Any repositories you have permission to access within GitHub will also be accessible to you within StackBlitz.

StackBlitz Teams, the collaborative code playground, has been a game-changer for our internal DX. We now have a seamless GitHub integration and a production-grade IDE that works - no more annoying remote VM sandbox crash errors. Love it!

Chris Spilka Co-founder & CEO at Handsontable

Use your own components and packages from your npm registry

With our release of StackBlitz Teams, we’re excited to add integrations to private package managers, allowing your team to make use of private, shared assets within StackBlitz. Connect your Team to private npm registries, Jfrog Artifactory, or Sonatype Nexus to use your internal libraries in StackBlitz.

Get started with Teams

We’re offering a 14-day free trial of Teams, including access to all paid features. Your account will automatically revert to our free tier at the end of your trial. If you choose to upgrade to a paid plan, you and your teammates will get a free StackBlitz t-shirt.

A more powerful free tier

As we build new ways for teams and enterprises to use StackBlitz, we also want to make StackBlitz’s free version even more capable.

Environment secrets

Additionally, all StackBlitz users can now add environment variables to their workspace, allowing you to securely connect to external services. For now, environment variables are defined for a single user account and are can only be referenced in our newest editor.

Coming soon

A reimagined editor

We announced the beta of our next-generation editor at ViteConf last year. Compared to StackBlitz’s classic editor, our Codeflow IDE is a fully-featured, VS Code-like editor complete with a in-browser Node.js environment, terminal, and support for package management and extensions.

StackBlitz's next-generation editor based on VS Code

We’re looking forward to releasing this new editor out of beta into general availability later this year. In the meantime, the beta release of our new editor is free for all users.

Additional options for on-prem deployments

We will also make the capabilities in Teams and Codeflow available for enterprises running StackBlitz on-premises. Our updated enterprise server is slated for release later this year. If you’re interested in StackBlitz Enterprise, get in touch.

Try Teams for yourself

Create your first StackBlitz Team today! To get started, you need a free Github organization (you can create one here if you don’t have one). Then, start your 14-day trial of StackBlitz Teams on our pricing page.

Eric Simons
CEO at StackBlitz making web development fast & secure. Viva la Web!
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