StackBlitz welcomes Ari Perkkiö, core team member of Vitest

The State of JS 2023 Survey results are out, and Vite received a lot of love from the community. Vite got the Most Adopted, Highest Retention, and Most Loved awards in this edition. This is a reflection not only of the hard work of the Vite Core team and contributors but also of the love that users have for the tools and frameworks in the Vite Ecosystem. In my Vue JS Amsterdam 24 talk, Vite: Past, Present, and Future a few months ago, I went over Vite’s history and it is mind-boggling to see how far the Vite ecosystem has come.

One of the projects that is fueling this growth got equal praise in the survey. Vitest, the vite-native testing framework, got the Highest Interest award and was also present after Vite in other categories. Vitest has seen an explosion of growth, even faster than Vite itself. With 5M weekly npm downloads, it now accounts for more than 35% of Vite’s npm downloads. Both usage and positive sentiment continued growing at a fast clip. And things will get even more exciting with the introduction of new powerful features like Vitest Browser Mode.

Vitest usage and positive options growing year over year in State of JS 2023

Anthony Fu’s brainchild has become a staple in the Web Ecosystem. Vitest is one of the reasons why users and library authors choose Vite. The team behind the project has done an incredible job. Together with Anthony, Vladimir Sheremet has been instrumental to the project’s success, both on the technical side and in fostering the formation of a vibrant community and team. As part of our efforts to support the Vite ecosystem, StackBlitz has been sponsoring both of them since last ViteConf. You can read about why we care so much about helping the Vite Ecosystem and other shared pieces of the framework puzzle like Volar in our Open Source at StackBlitz blog post.

Doubling down on the Vite (and Vitest) ecosystem

Today, we’re thrilled to announce another big step in our commitment to the Vite ecosystem.

Ari Perkkiö, part of the Vitest core team, is joining our Open Source team at StackBlitz!

Ari has been a key contributor to the project and related libraries, and we are looking forward to what he’ll bring to the table for Vitest and Vite users moving forward ⚡

Ari’s experience will also strengthen other StackBlitz Open Source initiatives. Since the release of WebContainers API, Open Source projects have been adopting it to build new learning experiences for their users (SvelteKit Tutorial,, and Anthony’s live streams building the Nuxt playground). We’re currently working on new Open Source tools that would heavily simplify authoring interactive tutorials and provide building blocks to help developers explore even further.

We’re proud to support the Vite ecosystem and community, and we couldn’t be more excited about the innovations that are still in store from them.

Join us in giving Ari a warm welcome!

Matias Capeletto
Vite Core team member working on Open Source at StackBlitz
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