We've seen enough: StackBlitz is now the largest backer of Vite

For those following along, you may have seen the recent collaborations our team has done with Vite over the past few months. It’s also no secret that we’re quite fond of their approach and impact on the web ecosystem.

That’s why today, we are excited to share that StackBlitz is now the largest backer of Vite core development. 🚀

We’re excited to have StackBlitz backing Vite’s development, and deepen the collaboration between our teams.

Evan You Creator & maintainer of Vite and Vue

We’re longtime fans of Evan You & team, and their work on Vite is setting crucial bedrock for the future of frontend tooling. In our view, for five primary reasons:

1. For next-gen build tools to succeed, they can’t leave JS devs behind.

Instead of requiring Rust, Go, or other low level languages to create plugins, Vite’s approach is novel: their esbuild-based compiler (fast) is extensible via a RollupJS-based plugin API (ergonomic).

This balances speed with a great JavaScript developer experience, which is 🔑, because…

2. Speed is important, but useless without a great UX.

Why are roads filled with Teslas and not Formula 1 cars?

Similar to Vite, Tesla wins because they balance speed with ergonomics that requires no specialized knowledge to adopt, operate, or service.

Vite is for everyone!

3. Can run completely sandboxed.

With npm supply chain attacks increasing, build tools need to increase security posture.

Vite is one of the leaders in this area, and thanks to esbuild, their compiler can run via a secure-by-default WebAssembly binary.

You can even run the entire Vite toolchain in-browser over at vite.new, powered by WebContainers™.

4. Exclusively built by, and for the web community.

Vite and its maintainers are all independent OSS developers; their interests are not owned or operated by a company.

This means they only have one incentive: to improve the web ecosystem as a whole.

This is a rare superpower, because:

5. Vite enables & encourages collaboration that benefits all  frameworks, not just one.

The explosive community adoption & growth of Vite speaks for itself.

By working together Nuxt, Astro, Svelte, Vue, Shopify Hydrogen, and the many more that have adopted Vite are improving the quality of the tooling far faster than if they went at it alone.

So, in conclusion…

Vite’s future is bright. ⚡️

And we’re excited to be working with, and supporting the Vite ecosystem on their awesome journey.

Thank you to the Vite core maintainers: Evan You, Anthony Fu, Matias Capeletto, Christopher Quadflieg, Haoqun Jiang, and Alec Larson. ❤️

Stay tuned… 😉

Eric Simons
CEO at StackBlitz making web development fast & secure. Viva la Web!
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