Announcing ViteConf

Join the web ecosystem on 11-12 October for a free online event featuring 28 all-star speakers and a StackBlitz surprise ⚡️

Vite has quickly become the epicenter of innovation in web development. It now powers nearly all major frameworks including Svelte, Vue, Nuxt, Astro, and Shopify’s Hydrogen—the first production React framework to natively support React Server Components.

Last year StackBlitz became the largest backer of Vite core development. While working with this ecosystem we’ve become incredibly excited about the progress and collaborations happening. We felt this community’s work deserved a dedicated spotlight.

That’s why today, we are excited to share that StackBlitz is hosting the first ever ViteConf: a celebration of the open web ecosystem, and unveiling a new era of truly instant web development.

ViteConf is entirely free and happening live online on 11-12 October. Together with Cloudflare and Netlify, our Community Partners, we are bringing you a 24-hour stream with 12 hours of content running twice to make sure that everyone can participate. An all-star speaker lineup composed of 28 community members from all the major framework teams features talks, panels, Q&As, and a big StackBlitz surprise 🤩

Register for your free customizable ticket at and join us online October 11th and 12th for the live event.

You can even add some flair to your ticket by choosing your favorite framework!

Adding flair to your ViteConf ticket

Personally, I’m very excited about this conference. As you know, at StackBlitz we’re focused on creating instant web development environments that are incredibly fast, secure, and a pleasure to work with. It’s such a rare thing to see a project that supports all of these goals and brings the entire frontend ecosystem together. In my view, that alone is something worth celebrating.

Here’s to a better, faster, and more open web. 🥂 See you at ViteConf!

P.S. If you are new to Vite, welcome 👋 Vite is the first meta-framework tool built on open standards, pushing development practices forward in a way that benefits all frameworks, not just one. Check it out by running the entire toolchain instantly in-browser over at

Eric Simons
CEO at StackBlitz making web development fast & secure. Viva la Web!
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