StackBlitz welcomes Patak, core maintainer of Vite

For the past few months, we have been the largest backer of Vite. Vite is becoming a crucial part of the web ecosystem as evidenced by its continuous exponential growth. As we said before, there are many reasons for which we are among the many developers who love Vite dearly.

We fell in love with Vite while working on WebContainers, our in-browser full-stack Node.js environment that boots in milliseconds. Before Vite was announced in April 2020, we were concerned that the available tooling in the JS ecosystem was not fast enough to handle the instant dev experiences we envisioned. That was a serious bummer and we even considered building our own JS tooling that could match WebContainers’ speed and security. Fortunately, Vite entered the game and we immediately knew that it was a natural fit for us. Vite is built for speed, security, and is framework-agnostic, just like StackBlitz. And, also like StackBlitz, Vite has set the gold standard for fast, simple, and secure web development.

This was just the beginning of our journey together. While rolling out WebContainers, we received a lot of solid feedback from a Vite core team member, Matias Capeletto aka Patak. Today we are excited to welcome Matias to our team where he will work on Vite in a full-time capacity. Additionally, as a representative of the community, his feedback will be instrumental to the further speedy rollout of our new features.

We are proud to be part of the Vite Ecosystem.

We know that Open Source is a leading indicator of developers’ and enterprise customers’ preferences. Supporting Vite, therefore, supports not only the Vite community and our engineers but also helps us more rapidly build the next generation of web development experiences for our Fortune 500 customers, as well as the Open Source web ecosystem at large.

What’s next?

We have big plans and dazzling announcements ahead so stay tuned to see the web’s future happen before your eyes! Alternatively, you can get a taste of this new future over at :)

Sylwia Vargas
DevRel & front-end at Stackblitz. Tech writer and educator advocating for accessible and equitable tech.
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