Announcement: WebContainers are out of beta in Chromium

We released WebContainers ten months ago at Google I/O, which was a major step forward for the web and web development tooling. For the first time you could create fullstack environments which run right in your browser, boot in milliseconds, and are immediately online and shareable in just one click.

We took all feedback, both the praise and the bug reports, very seriously and as a result, we are thrilled to announce a major milestone: WebContainers are moving out of beta on Chromium-based browsers! 🥳

WebContainers out of beta in Chromium

We got here thanks to you!

This is a gigantic accomplishment on the side of the StackBlitz engineering team, the Google Chrome team who have worked with us on a number of issues, and the web dev open source ecosystem at large.

WebContainers have now achieved broad support for all the major frameworks (Vite, Remix, SvelteKit, Nuxt, Next), as well as hundreds of thousands of packages in the npm and Node.js ecosystem. In other words, if your toolchain runs on Node.js, it can run on WebContainers. If you haven’t tried it already, give it a whirl over at!

“In other words, if your toolchain runs on Node.js, it can run on WebContainers.”

We want to give a huge “thank you” to the open source maintainers who have helped us solidify WebContainers and adopted StackBlitz for one-click bug reports or instant doc examples, and who spread the word 💙 Over two million developers each month help us battle harden the WebContainer runtime. A huge “thank you” to you all, we are excited to continue partnering with you.

And if you haven’t yet adopted StackBlitz to power your open source projects, we’d love to help! Find us on Twitter or reach out to us on Discord. Let’s make it happen!

What’s next?

That’s not the end of exciting news. With WebContainers out of beta on Chromium-based platforms, a whole wealth of opportunities and thrilling announcements are about to follow. What’s next? What’s possible? What sort of workflows will we be able to introduce? Stay tuned to the next posts but in the meantime, we can share that there’s a certain browser we’ll be coming to next 👀 More on that soon.

Once again, thank you all for joining us in our commitment to making the web faster and more secure. We are excited to continue to transform web development with you.

Sylwia Vargas
DevRel & front-end at Stackblitz. Tech writer and educator advocating for accessible and equitable tech.
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