Wow, it is really hard to believe it has only been a little over a month since we've announced WebContainers! What a crazy couple of weeks these have been! And since then we haven't slowed down a bit – focusing on improving Node.js APIs support and adding new capabilities to the WebContainer platform.

A whopping 100 new pull requests have been created and merged. As a result, we've been able to support more open-source projects and enhance the editor's core developer experience. Let's go over some of the more distinct improvements!

Introducing WebContainers

Technology & DX improvements 🚀 Permalink

WebContainer: Permalink

Terminal: Permalink

Code editor: Permalink

Other enhancements: Permalink

Contributions from the Web Community 🙌 Permalink

Acknowledgements Permalink

Phew! So many updates! All thanks to our engineering team being so incredible. A special thanks go to Sam Verschueren, Kwinten Pisman, Florens Verschelde, Garrison Snelling, Dominic Elm, Devon Wolfe, Roberto Vidal, and Adam Clarke. You truly rock!

What's coming next? Permalink

Next month we're continuing to relentlessly focus on:

  1. Stabilizing the core WebContainer runtime
  2. Rapidly improving the end-to-end developer experience

To help accomplish these objectives, here are some of the big things we expect to ship in our July 2021 Update:

We also have some exciting surprises to share over the next few weeks — stay tuned! 👀

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