StackBlitz July 2022 Update

Have you heard the big news yet? We are hosting ViteConf, a celebration of web ecosystem 🥳 The conference, happening on October 10-11, is online and free, features all-star speakers and already attracted over 9,500 attendants. Get your ticket today!

Today we are bringing you:

I hope you’ll have a wonderful month!

StackBlitz in the wild

  • Shoutout to the SolidJS team who have just demoed their new playground built with WebContainer API. Beautiful design and quite extensive dev tools. Bravo!
  • Awww, listen to this humbling story Ryan Carniato shared about his early attempts to debug in StackBlitz - also, the whole stream on Nuxt3 is super-informative!
  • Here’s a thorough (and funny!) comparison of code editors and web IDEs from Fireship - with the conclusion that we are entering the era where code editors may soon be entirely online. StackBlitz, of course, was mentioned.
  • These are some really sweet page transitions that Austin Malerba shared! What a talented individual!
  • Cottage is an online code competition platform for juniors that has just been launched and uses StackBlitz. As a junior, you can work on real-world features and win prizes. Super useful!
  • We loved this example from Leniolabs of developing a Material Design theme and plugging it into StackBlitz - we are here to make your life easier 🥰
  • A huge thanks to the JavaScript Jabber team for the kindest words about StackBlitz on the Hydrogen episode 😍

DX & compatibility improvements

As we’re working on new tools, we are finishing the month with a whole plethora of improvements:

  • WebContainers project configuration:
    • Added code block highlight as suffix for each file in the file query parameter
    • Unhid framework specific folders: .svelte-kit, .vitepress, .nuxt
    • Improved the clarity of the User Settings (JSON) file for new users in the editor, by updating option descriptions and removing a few outdated or unnecessary options.
    • Fixed update of slug in project metadata dropdown after a fork.
    • For projects created with the StackBlitz SDK’s openProject and embedProject methods, we now hide the “Share” button in the editor toolbar. Why? Because those projects are created on the fly and don’t have a persistent URL that can be shared with other people. To share those projects, we recommend forking the project to save it in your StackBlitz account first.
  • Bug fixes and improvements:
    • Users can now request the deletion of their user account from the profile settings page. But be careful: deleting your user account cannot be undone, and it will also delete all projects owned by that account!
    • Added the option to cancel paid SaaS plans via email in addition to physical mail to our Terms of Service for
    • Fixed an issue in the Firebase sidebar: the option to remove a Firebase project should now work correctly.
    • Fixed a bug with the “Shared with me” project list on the Dashboard, which didn’t list shared projects with a “Private” visibility.
    • Added the ability to change the Terminal’s font-size, line-height, font-family and cursor style with JSON options in User Settings (e.g. "terminal.integrated.fontSize": 14).
    • The built-in Prettier code formatter now reads "prettier.[optionName]" options from your User Settings. Prettier options set in user settings are applied by default to all projects, but are ignored if the project has its own Prettier config in its project files (in package.json under the "prettier" key, or in a dedicated .prettierrc file).
    • Fixed a few issues with the GitHub import dialog (in the editor). We now accept several repository URL formats (HTTPS and SSH), and fixed an issue with repository names containing dots.
  • Docs:

Quick bites for the road

What’s next?

We are so excited for what the nearest future will bring — we are cooking something really special for you! In the meantime, stay tuned on Twitter or join our Discord community.

Sylwia Vargas
DevRel & front-end at Stackblitz. Tech writer and educator advocating for accessible and equitable tech.
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