Here we are, another 85 pull requests later! What does this number mean to the StackBlitz community? In our previous update here's what we expected to ship in July:

How well did we do? Let's go over the list of the new features, fixes and improvements introduced in July!

Updates to StackBlitz platform in July 2021

Major technology and DX improvements 🚀 Permalink

StackBlitz supports ES Modules in Node.js now (alpha)!

Title-based project in StackBlitz

Go-to-definition in StackBlitz

"time" command in the Terminal

Various fixes and enhancements Permalink

Acknowledgements Permalink

Phew! So many updates! As always – that's all thanks to our engineering team being so incredible. A special thanks go to Adam Clarke, Sam Verschueren, Kwinten Pisman, Florens Verschelde, Garrison Snelling, Dominic Elm, Devon Wolfe, and Roberto Vidal!

What's coming next? Permalink

Next month we're continuing to relentlessly focus on:

As we've mentioned before, having ES Modules support opens many, many possibilities! In the following weeks one of our main goals will be following these opportunities in order to provide great support for the new communities interested in adopting WebContainers in their docs, tutorials and examples!

To help accomplish these objectives, here are some of the big things we expect to ship in our August 2021 Update:

We're also happy to share that we're on track to ship the fully featured StackBlitz v2 by EOY and we'll have more info to share on this front within the next update or two. (And maybe some sneak peeks between now and then on Twitter :).

Stay tuned & come join the fun in our Discord!

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