What a month! Not only did we secure seed funding, fixed numerous bugs but also met each other in person at a StackBlitz team offsite! Well-rested and slightly-tanned, we are bringing you:

Before we begin, a quick announcement: we are one of the sponsors of the upcoming Write The Docs conference where we will showcase a new doc editing workflow tool. Come say hi! We have swag to share!

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As we’re working on new tools (stay tuned 🔥), we are finishing the month with a whole plethora of improvements:

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Is there a more joyful way to celebrate spring and securing seed funding than a team-wide offsite on the Balearic Islands? As a team distributed across 13 countries, we don’t get many chances to hang out together. It was a truly magical time flavored with a weird feeling of meeting for the first time someone you know quite well!

Part of the StackBlitz Team

Beyond the working sessions, we also did a bit snorkeling, hiking, and pampered ourselves with amazing food. Although not everyone could participate in person, we made sure that everyone felt included and present. Until the next time!

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We are so excited for what the nearest future will bring - we are cooking something really special for you! In the meantime, stay tuned on Twitter or join our Discord community.

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