Hello hello! Long time no see! Can you believe it’s been half a year since our last monthly update? We were very focused on preparing some really special treats for you all - and, truly, we can't wait to unveil them in the very near future.

Before we restart our monthly tradition, let’s recap what happened in our corner of the Internet over the past months. We've got for you DX improvements, updates on new templates, our new team members, StackBlitz and Vite collaboration, examples of StackBlitz spotted in the wild, tech blog posts documenting the adventures of our engineers, and a bunch of podcasts and stream appearances of our team members.

DX & compatibility Permalink

As you can imagine, a lot happened over the past months but most notable improvements include:

A special mention here goes to one of your Community Advocates, Gerome Grignon, who has submitted a PR for a feature to autoclose empty issues - thank you! ✨

New Templates, new adventures! Permalink

We have introduced the following new WebContainers templates:

StackBlitz + Vite = a match made in heaven 💕 Permalink

Speaking of Vite.js, the introduction of the templates was just the beginning of a wonderful journey. In November we became the biggest backer of Vite core development. As the collaboration tightened, we welcomed to our team Patak, a Vite core maintainer, whose main responsibility is to further improve Vite.

What’s next in this saga? Stay tuned!

Our team grew! Permalink

Apart from Patak, we have been lucky to welcome other new team members:

Technical blog posts... Permalink

Our engineers have authored two blog posts on the obstacle race that is the web dev. Have a read:

...and other appearances Permalink

If you want to get to know our team or StackBlitz better, here are some of the podcast and livestream appearances our team gave:

Spotted: StackBlitz in the wild Permalink

We are always delighted to see examples of StackBlitz in the wild. Some of our community achievements from this month:

What’s next? Permalink

We are excited to restart this monthly tradition of StackBlitz updates and we can’t wait to share some of the spicy news next month.

In the meantime, stay tuned on Twitter or join our Discord community

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DevRel & front-end at Stackblitz. Tech writer and educator advocating for accessible and equitable tech.

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